Up To 20% Of Your Users Are Injected With Client-Side Malware – Is This Ruining Your Brand?

Client-side malware has proven to be a menace in the e-commerce industry. It causes serious damage to your brand and contributes to loss of revenue. It is estimated that 20% of your customers are infected with client-side malware. This proportion seems small but could have significant impacts on your business and customer’s user experience.

A Close Look At Malware And Its Effects On Your Business

In case you are wondering how this malware injects itself your site, it is downloaded by your customers unknowingly. This invasion occurs when users click on malicious browser extensions or when they download bundled apps. People who develop these malware prey on your customer’s naivety with the aim of destroying your brand and cashing in from your investment. The potential of malware to distort your business has made individuals in the malware creation business wealthy. The unfortunate bit is that newly improved malware continues to be developed daily hence the need for solutions.

This malware presents itself in the forms of advertisements, pop up ads, product deals and or recommendations as well as spyware scripts. Client-side malware injects itself in your website and mimics your site perfectly. Often, your less tech-savvy clients will not be able to tell the fake site from your brand as the malware makes itself appear as a legitimate web page.

Client-side malware interferes with the appearance of your website. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you may think your site appears the way you designed it to look but from your customer’s side, it looks entirely different. From your customer’s end, it marked with constant interruptions that affect their viewing experience and ultimately user experience. Such interference prompt your customers to abandon your brand and seek other alternatives. Some of your customers are lured into following malicious links that put them at risk of becoming phishing targets. Their privacy is also interfered with as malware would have access to their credit card information. Additionally, despite how great your brand is, you will begin to lose income and eventually your brand becomes a fail.


For this reason, it is important to be on the lookout for client-side malware. You may be operating a lucrative business that could be ruined by this kind of malware. You need to invest in measures and strategies to protect your business and stop malware for good. Among the things you could do is hire an organization that helps you monitor your site 24/7 and detect invading and newly created malware.


How Can PageSeal Help Top eCommerce Brands & Publishers?

PageSeal’s simple code can be installed on your servers, that gets triggered when users come on your computer.  If it detects malware activity, it automatically blocks the attack of injected ads and your users see your website how you intended them to see it.  PageSeal also offers end to end protection for all types of injections.


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