New Software Protects Your Revenue And Conversion Rates In Your eCommerce Store

Client injected malware has a significant toll on your revenue and conversion rates. If not properly managed, it could reduce your websites’ conversion rates significantly. Minimized conversion rates will then translate to reduced revenue. It is therefore important that the malware is identified early and stopped before it can cause detrimental effects to your eCommerce venture. There is certain software provided by various companies that you could use to deal with this menace. One such company is PageSeal.

Effects Of Malware On A Website

It is estimated that 20% of all customers visiting your site are infected with this code-injecting malware. This malicious code functions to distract customers using irrelevant content which makes them exit your site. Some of the distractions it uses include pop up ads, banners, and fake ads. Malware is designed to distract your customers, re-directing them to other web pages. Often when your customers are sent to other sites, they are not aware. They then end up making purchases at your competitor’s platforms.

Given that there about one million new malware released every day, it is essential that you protect your website to avoid loss of traffic and revenue. If you do not deal with malware promptly, your brand could lose credibility and the business could become a loss-generating platform.

Pageseal’s Role In The Fight Against Malware

PageSeal is a cyber-security platform that offers online security to website owners. This platform uses a proprietary algorithm along with a monitoring system to keep malware away. Therefore, when a user with an infected computer visits your site, malware is identified and blocked instantly. PageSeal also uses the latest technology and machine learning capabilities to detect new malware thereby protecting your webpage.

With this software, your website and customers are protected. Currently, this cyber-security company is monitoring more than five million websites on a 24/7 hour basis. Their software has proven to be the top solution against client injected malware. A majority of the website owners who have used PageSeal testify that traffic on their sites has increased and conversion rates have improved. Revenue is also said to have increased significantly.


For this reason, you do not have to allow your business to suffer or lose customers when there is a solution to your malware problem. You only need to consult service providers such as PageSeal and your issue will be sorted out instantly. So, next time you realize that traffic in your site has gone down you need to source PageSeal’s services.


How Can PageSeal Help Top eCommerce Brands & Publishers?

PageSeal’s simple code can be installed on your servers, that gets triggered when users come on your computer.  If it detects malware activity, it automatically blocks the attack of injected ads and your users see your website how you intended them to see it.  PageSeal also offers end to end protection for all types of injections.


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