Malware Attackers Don’t Want Your Data, They Want Your Customers

With the festive seasons coming up, businesses, marketers, and developers all are busy making their eCommerce stores the best they can be, and fully optimized for conversion. However, there are some malware attacks that are ready to attack your customers on their computers as soon as they are ready to shop this holiday season, or at any time for that matter.  

Over the next few days and months, the volume of shopping online will leap to its highest numbers for the year. Therefore, business entities with good quality credentials such as fast and engaging websites with online business promotion strategy are likely to benefit the most. However, hackers as well find the festive occasion to get things done fraudulently.

How do they do it – Malware attackers, often disguised as affiliate marketers wanting to send good traffic are using the opportunity to grab your customers with injected ads. They install the malicious code on your customer’s computer and once your customers are on your website, they show ads in place of your ads and your customers, assuming they are safe on your site, click on those “offers”.


Hackers use malware to perform activities such as showing and injecting ads such as pop-ups, banners, and other style ads, masked as your ads and encouraging them to click away from the page.  The ads look like yours, and even the most advanced user may click on these ads. Why? Because they are on your website and trust your website.

How Can PageSeal Help Top Brands & Publishers?

PageSeal’s simple code can be installed on your servers, that gets triggered when users come on your computer.  If it detects malware activity, it automatically blocks the attack of injected ads and your users see your website how you intended them to see it.  PageSeal also offers end to end protection for all types of injections.


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