How To Stop Bad Ads From Showing On Your Website

Everyone particularly publishers hate encountering malicious malware and spammy ads on their websites. Malware could be detrimental to your business as it exposes people to content that web owners would never want their clients to see. Despite, efforts to curb these malicious ads, manufactures of these ads always find a way to implant them into the web’s system without the publisher’s knowledge.

Sources of Bad Ads

Malicious ads are formed when illegal programmers infiltrate websites and advertising platforms to spread malware. A majority of publishers are unable to detect malware until it has infected the entire system. In case you are wondering how these individuals benefit from causing such chaos, you should know that they derive low income for wreaking such havoc.

The malware they install takes hostage of the system for a short duration of time. During this time hackers make money from the installation of the malware and conversions that result from the presence of the spam. For these tech experts, malware development and installation is a game to them. Sadly, the nature of the advertising platform makes it difficult to eradicate malware.

In a recent seminar organized by Google, panelists from Google and Ezoic spoke about how difficult it is to solve the malware problem. According to the chief executive officer of Ezoic Dwayne Lafleur, the problem with spammy ads is that each time you remove them, they pop up again. As publishers, it essential to figure out when these ads begin to show up and identify ways to deal with them.

Fortunately, there are stakeholders who have succeeded in dealing with malware. Unlike publishers, most people in the tech industry have resources that enable them to identify malicious ads and eliminate them promptly. One of the shortcomings that a majority of publishers encounter is the failure to spot these malicious ads in time. Often, they get to know about this malware when a reader notifies them or when browsing. These strategies are not efficient at all when it comes to malware elimination.

How to Handle Malware

There is no clear way to handle the malware issue. However, when you adopt ad exchanges and improve on the type of header bidders you use, you could avoid certain ads. Other useful things that you can do to deal with malware include leveraging technology to prevent this menace. Consulting services providers to assist in the monitoring and detection of malicious ads also plays a key role in malware elimination. Additionally, you could diversify demand for providers to stop the appearance of bad ads. Unfortunately, this method is not friendly for various reasons.

How Can PageSeal Help Top Brands & Publishers?

PageSeal’s simple code can be installed on your servers, that gets triggered when users come on your computer.  If it detects malware activity, it automatically blocks the attack of injected ads and your users see your website how you intended them to see it.  PageSeal also offers end to end protection for all types of injections.


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