Here Are Ways To Retain Customers On Your Website: Stop Malware

Malware has a way of sneaking up on your traffic to distort your website and eventually taking your traffic to other entities.  There are solutions to dealing with this malware crisis and your brand does not have to suffer from these malicious ads anymore.  It’s important to know that customers dont necessarily know they have malware on their computers. Here are effective ways to keep your customers on your site;

Verify Users And Resting Passwords

It is the joy of every web owner to have traffic on their site. Therefore, it is paramount to verify users on your site so that you do not accommodate malware injecting users. Malware is often injected in the form of scripts, removing any old client accounts and confirming existing accounts ensure that you do not leave room for injecting malware.

Resetting passwords is also critical. A number of websites have their customers redirected to other sites because of weak passwords. Installing strong passwords which combine letters, numbers and special characters ensure that bad users do not access your site.

Site Monitoring

Web monitoring is one of the most effective ways to maintain traffic on your web page. You can successfully monitor your site through hiring a web hosting company. These institutions will detect and eliminate malware on your web page instantly. A majority of these companies use the latest technology such as the latest machine learning algorithms to identify even the latest created malware. So, you can go about your daily routine having not to worry about these malicious intruders. When selecting a service provider to monitor your website, you need to look for one with a huge clientele and one that uses the latest technologies.

Use Antivirus and Firewall

When you install a firewall, you will be able to filter bad traffic and retain the flow of your customers. You can protect your website from pop-up ads when you install an antivirus. You need to select a pop-up blocker that can identify and block even the trickiest pop ads such as mass attacks, mouse-overs and timed pop-ups. Additionally, you could also install Malwarebytes to get rid of browser hijackers and adware interfering with your conversion rates. With a strong firewall, malware will be a thing of the past on your site.


With these solutions, you will be able to successfully stop malware and retain your customers. Application of these strategies will also enhance the flow of traffic as well as client’s purchases. As a brand owner, you only need to be proactive and invest in the correct cyber-security tools to ensure that you do not lose customers to your competitors.

How Can PageSeal Help Top Brands & Publishers?

PageSeal’s simple code can be installed on your servers, that gets triggered when users come on your computer.  If it detects malware activity, it automatically blocks the attack of injected ads and your users see your website how you intended them to see it.  PageSeal also offers end to end protection for all types of injections.


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